11 June 2019   |   by PRIME PLUMBING & HEATING INC   |   Plumbing

Most homeowners and business owners couldn't care less about the type of plumber performing the work as long as their plumbing problems are solved immediately and at a low cost. How important is it to differentiate between residential and commercial plumbing issues? And why do you need to know?

While both types of plumbers need to be experienced and qualified, each one requires a particular set of skills, knowledge and training. Both plumbers deal with similar problems like leaks, broken toilets or burst pipes. A residential plumber focuses on family homes and issues like clogged kitchen sinks, installing toilet fixtures, and repairing broken pipes. Commercial plumbers however face a different category of problems such as flooded bathrooms in a business, pipes that spread out through a whole condominium complex, and also making sure that they follow commercial building codes and regulations. The requirements for commercial problems are massive and that’s why businesses must always ensure that they are hiring the right commercial plumbing contractors in Denver.

Here are 3 major differences between commercial plumbers vs. residential plumbers:

1. Plumbing Requirements
According to the Environmental Protection Agency, annual household leaks amount to 1 trillion gallons of wasted water nationwide. Can you imagine how much more water is wasted from leaks in commercial buildings where the daily usage is much greater? In commercial buildings, the pipes are used more frequently compared to residences. Also the pipes and faucets need to be more durable than those in homes.

2. Complexity of Building Structure
In residential homes, it’s easier to navigate through the plumbing compared to the massive and complicated system of a commercial building. Buildings and commercial establishments have multiple floors, numerous toilets and sinks that are being used all day every day. Plus, water pressure is another thing that must be taken into account especially for high-rise buildings. Plumbers who specialize in commercial plumbing and heating in Denver understand and are trained to handle this type of complex plumbing layout.

3. Level of Risk
For commercial plumbing contractors in Denver, they are more equipped to deal with the higher risk of damages to a commercial building. One broken pipe in a residential home may be problematic but a broken pipe that spans more than 10 floors can be potentially catastrophic to numerous businesses and offices. Also for restaurants and establishments in the food and beverage business, plumbing needs to follow strict health care laws and codes.

For whatever your plumbing needs and requirements are, when it comes to commercial plumbing and heating in Denver, Prime Plumbing and Heating offers competitive licensed and insured plumbing services. We specialize in both commercial and residential plumbing and heating issues including upgrading old water heaters, boilers, and furnaces to new high efficiency models. Our sewer and drain services division is a 24/7 operation with no after hours, weekend or holiday extra charges.

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