4 Plumbing Mistakes Homeowners
Need to Stop Making

01 May 2018   |   by PRIME PLUMBING & HEATING INC   |   Plumbing
Today’s residential plumbing systems are built using modern materials and advanced technologies.

Most homeowners are confident that their pipes and faucets are durable enough to withstand years and years of use and require minimal maintenance. However, a busted pipe, a broken faucet, a clogged sink, and an overflowing toilet do happen and cause plumbing headaches that homeowners want to get rid of sooner than later, sometimes without the help of plumbing contractors.

In many cases, plumbing issues require simple fixes. But when homeowners take it upon themselves to “fix” every single plumbing problem without regard for its severity, it becomes a problem. Worse, they ignore the warning signs until the problem blows up, and only then do they become too eager to resolve, but end up worsening, the plumbing situation.

Here are four do-it-yourself home plumbing fixes that usually do more harm than good:

Failing to shut off the water valve
The fundamentals of plumbing dictate that leaving the water on during repair work is a no-no. In fact, turning it off is the very first step in most, if not all, types of fixes. When doing DIY plumbing jobs, most homeowners forget this basic rule. This becomes a real problem as water ends up being wasted and it leaves a big mess to clean up.

Excessive use of chemical drain cleaners
When it comes to clearing clogs in sinks, tubs, or showers, chemical-laden cleaners sold commercially are the go-to solution. However, too much dependence on these cleaners results in weakened pipes and corroded linings. Not only are they harsh to the physical plumbing system; they are also hazardous to the environment. For minor clogs, the safer options are household items such as baking soda, vinegar, salt, and water.

For plumbing problems that don’t get solved by these materials (or even by commercial drain-clearing products), consult a trusted team like Prime Plumbing & Heating Inc that is trained to do the job

DIY fixes for major issues
A leaky faucet dripping twice per minute wastes more than a gallon of water each week. This much waste is reason enough for homeowners to do DIY plumbing repair, which actually works wonders on a clogged drain, a slightly loose valve, or a leaky faucet. On the other hand, pipe or water flow problems require more extensive, complicated work that should be left in the hands of trained individuals with in-depth expertise, knowledge, and insurance for the work they do.

It’s also worth mentioning that plumbing renovations require proper property assessment and adherence to building codes, which plumbing contractors are expected to know by heart—and most homeowners are clueless about! Resorting to trained and properly equipped to deal with serious plumbing problems at home definitely saves precious time and money.

Unskilled DIY work with the wrong tools
Little knowledge is dangerous. The same rings true for plumbing work. A lot of homeowners think they can deal with complicated busted pipe problems the way they can easily fix simple faucet leaks. Online tutorials are helpful; no doubt about that. But the truth is, extensive plumbing work requires serious skills.

It is equally important to have the right tools for the job. Every single tool - from the basic wrench to the hydro-jetter and everything in between—is intended for a specific use. Homeowners who give plumbing repairs a shot through DIY work often realize too late that they used the wrong tool for the job and jumped in on more work than they could handle.

Whether your plumbing issue is imminent or getting out of hand, getting in touch with the best plumbing contractor Denver CO team is your best option. You cannot go wrong with a qualified team with a reputation for excellent work and years of experience.

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