7 Things To Look For When Selecting an Emergency Plumber in Denver

12 December 2019   |   by PRIME PLUMBING & HEATING INC   |   Plumbing

When an overflowing toilet or a flooded basement wakes you in the middle of the night, you know it’s big trouble waiting to happen—and you should act on it immediately. However, fixing this yourself without the proper tools and technique could result in much more damage and incur higher costs, so you search for plumbing help.

What happens next could be a series of decision-making lapses. Because you want the problem resolved at the soonest possible time, you may end up settling for the first emergency plumber you can find.

Here’s how to avoid hiring unreliable plumbers who claim to be the best in what they do:

1. Phone Etiquette and Personality
You can quickly tell how a company operates by the way they answer calls. Are you talking to a real person or were you redirected to a voice answering machine? In an emergency plumbing situation, you would want to speak to an actual person who will empathize with you and is eager to help you.

2. Fair Pricing
There may be nothing wrong with over-the-phone pricing but in most cases, the costs aren’t accurate. Find a plumber that offers to conduct an on-site assessment before giving you the final estimate. Just because it's an emergency doesn't mean you should be price gouged for it. It helps, though, to find plumbing cost estimates from the most dependable professionals in your area.

3. 24/7 Service and Quick Response Time
Whether it’s a weekend or on a holiday, your emergency plumber must always be ready to respond, and can get to you before the problem becomes irreversible.

4. License and Other Credentials
Any plumber in Denver, Colorado, is required to get a state license, along with other industry acquired credentials, for practice.

5. Referrals and Reviews
Ask people close to you, such as a relative, a friend, or a neighbor, if they know any emergency Denver CO plumbing team that they can recommend. If that doesn't work, check out Facebook pages to narrow your search to emergency plumbers in the Denver area. Check out the recommendations of past customers to gauge the reliability of their service.

6. Background and History
Check their experience by asking how many years they've been operating. Don't hesitate to ask if they would conduct background checks and perform drug tests on their employees before hiring them to become part of the team.

7. Warranty and Reliable Insurance
Never hire emergency plumbers who do not have On-The-Job accident insurance or don't guarantee their work.

Our emergency plumber Denver experts at Prime Plumbing & Heating are reliable specialists for urgent, late-at-night incidents. It gives you the peace of mind, knowing who to call in case the inevitable happens.

Are you unsure about hiring the best emergency plumber in Denver? Don't wait! Do your research, make your shortlist, and consider our tips to avoid problematic plumbing tales in the middle of the night!

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