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Do Plumber Services in Westminster Deal with Water Main Replacement?

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Plumber services in Westminster provide a diversified service range that includes many tasks related to installing and repairing fixtures and pipes or ducts on residential properties or on commercial facilities. However, if the problem that stands behind your plumbing issues is related to a damaged main pipe that requires repair or replacement, the responsibility of replacing that main pipe usually goes to the water supply company in your area, not to private contractors. Here is what to do in case of a burst main pipe in your area:

  • Report the issue – the authorities usually have a number that you should call in case of a burst main. Use that number to inform the local water company about the problem as soon as possible.
  • Stop the electricity and turn off the taps in your building if you consider that the burst main might cause dangerous situations on your property.
  • Call your own plumber after the main has been repaired – A great plumber Westminster CO residents often use says that it is a good idea to have your own plumbing system professionally checked after the major repair is performed by the authorities. The measure is mostly one to ensure your peace of mind, but that is an important aspect, nevertheless.


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