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How the Best Plumbers in Denver Approach Water Main Damage

Water main pipes are usually as old as the buildings that they serve. And, since the maximum life span of a water main is about 15 years, problems can occur at any time.

Building owners must know the danger to which they may be exposed when the basement is flooded or there are uncontrolled leaks as a result of the failure of the water main. In such situations, infiltration will occur and, if they are not remedied in due time, they will cause high levels of humidity, mold, unpleasant odors, as well as infestations with various types of parasites .

Denver plumbing contractors

In order to prevent and remedy such situations, the intervention of specialists in the installation and repair of water main pipes is essential.

Denver plumbing contractors can rehabilitate water main pipes by:

  • Linear repair – rehabilitation of the pipeline between two manholes, between the main collector and the basement of the building, between the manhole and the basement of the building, etc., by stopping water infiltration or exfiltration
  • Sectional repair – rehabilitation of cracks and holes in the water main, rehabilitation of cracks between two connections

Denver plumbing contractors provide warranties for the work and the materials used with reduced costs for workmanship and materials. Work is performed by qualified and authorized employees, and repairs and installation of a water main completed in a record time. Insulation is added to the water main to ensure its durability.


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