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The Most Common Plumbing Issues in Denver

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When it comes to the most common issues related to plumbing in Denver, the list includes small and easy to fix issues as well as major problems. Here is what experienced plumbers consider to be the most common faults behind service calls:

  • Emergency defects – burst plumbing pipes and severe clogging are the two most common issues that plumbers are called for. While in some cases the exact location of the problem can be found easily and the issue can also be remedied on the spot, in other situations the plumbing company can only perform the repair if a large section of the affected pipe or the affected fixture are removed and replaced.
  • Leaks in the system – another very common problem is the appearance of water in areas of the building where water should not be present or water bills that start increasing without any obvious reason. These leaks can linger around for a long time before they show symptoms, but they are usually quick to fix.
  • Problems related to tankless water heaters – tankless heaters being increasingly common these days, they are also the appliances that local water heater repair Denver plumbers are frequently called to repair. The common issues related to the appliance include insufficient water pressure and low temperature.


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