Advances in Modern Plumbing Systems

30 October 2018   |   by PRIME PLUMBING & HEATING INC   |   Plumbing
Plumbing is one of the most underappreciated innovations in the last few centuries.

Not all that long ago, our ancestors used outhouses and wells to supply and remove the water and waste from their houses. Now we no longer have to leave the warmth of our own homes to get fresh, clean water. Plumbing systems become much more impressive when the variable of height is added to a plumbing design. Water is heavy. Getting it up five stories is no easy feat, but is commonplace in our modern day plumbing systems. We’ve made huge leaps and bounds in plumbing designs but the engineering behind these systems is complicated to say the least. It takes a lot of planning and careful design to make these systems function without interruption.

The most basic of these systems, which was the most common in the late 1800s and early 1900s involves a tank on the roof of a building that works with a constant-speed pump. This is known as a single zone pumping scheme. Most of these systems work with a relatively simple level switch in the tank; when the water in the tank reaches a predetermined level, the switch activates the pump and then turns it off when the tank is refilled. Instead of pumping water up into a building, these designs use gravity to help feed water down into the system. More modern plumbing systems have become much more complex and include pressure regulation valves and variable-speed pump systems. Modern plumbing designs have the ability to pump water up into a building, and use speed and pressure regulators to maintain a consistent pressure throughout all of the pipes. Setting up a plumbing system for a brand new apartment building requires a lot of planning and lots of mathematical calculation. Not the kind of work that is easily done by oneself or even by most construction companies.

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