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Can Pipes Burst in the Summer Because of Temperature Changes?

You’ve probably heard from plumber services in Westminster that they had to work on a lot of pipes that burst last winter because of the sudden winter temperature changes. That’s something that happens often when the freeze temperatures hit, and it’s not something that homeowners are unfamiliar with. But can the same thing happen in the summer?

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If you ask plumbing Denver experts, they can tell you that summer temperatures are often a lot worse. They can damage pipes more severely than the winter colds, because metal tends to expand more in the summer than to the extent that it contracts in the winter. Contracting metal can cause pipes to shrink to some extent, but that usually just leads to slight leaks. In the summer, however, the expanding metal pipes can actually burst if the temperature increase is fast enough.

Another important thing to remember is that during the summer months there’s usually an increased use of water. Not only will the temperature difference between the water inside the pipe and the hot air outside of it put strain on your pipes, but the intense pressure inside the pipe can make it burst more easily as well.

Under the circumstances, it might be best to call in a professional plumber in Westminster to check out your pipes before a heat wave might hit. That way you’ll know that you’ve got all your bases covered and you can ensure that any older pipes that threaten to burst can be replaced as swiftly as possible.

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