Common Plumbing Problems Requiring Professional Service

5 December 2019   |   by PRIME PLUMBING & HEATING INC   |   Plumbing

Homeowners in Colorado face plumbing issues of all types. Your first instinct may be to attempt to fix a problem on your own, such as a clogged toilet without the help of a professional plumber. It may be possible to fix what seems to be a minor issue—a reliable plunger can possibly the job done.

However, plumbing problems vary in frequency, complexity, and cost. If you want to avoid extreme annoyance, wasted time, and possibly even aggravating issues, you must reconsider your DIY plans. A professional and experienced Denver plumbing and heating team can offer convenience when dealing with relatively complex problems. When conducting repairs and maintenance, professional plumbers can help fix the issue and conserve water at the same time.

Here, we list the common plumbing problems that can only be addressed and solved by a professional:

  1. Any Leakage. Any leakage should be checked out by a professional. Not only is a leak inconvenient, you also open up the possibility of significant water damage and mold infestations in your house, both of which can cost you loads of money. Plumbing and heating experts in Denver can help you identify and fix any leakage problems.
  2. Constant Clogs. A one-off clog you can maybe use a plunger to handle without the help of a professional. But if you begin to find a clog in the same place or even overlapping clogs, you need to call a professional immediately. The problem may be with a blocked sewer line, or you may need some cleaning of the drain.
  3. Damaged Water Heater. A malfunctioning water heater has several causes. The accumulation of sediments in the tank or a thermostat that does not work well may affect the water heater's efficiency. If your water heater is malfunctioning, a professional plumber can diagnose the faulty water heater.
  4. Low Water Pressure. If you have low water pressure, call the water supply company first. If it's an issue on their end, they will let you know. If it seems like your home always has low water pressure, your plumbing system could be the problem and you should hire a plumber in Denver to check it out.

If you are dealing with plumbing issues, don’t wait! Instead of trying to solve those issues yourself, leave the job to a dependable Denver plumbing and heating service like Prime Plumbing & Heating to provide you with the skilled services to expertly resolve the problem.

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