Common Signs that Your Furnace Needs Repair

14 August 2019   |   by PRIME PLUMBING & HEATING INC   |   Plumbing

In the winter months you rely on furnace to keep your home warm and comfortable and prevent water pipes from bursting. After the summer months however, your furnace can develop issues due to inactivity.

Whether these are slight or serious, it is important that you know the signs so that you can schedule a repair as soon as possible. Here are the common signs that indicate your furnace needs servicing:

1. Abnormal Odor
Furnaces can emit the scent of fuel they use especially if it is their first day of use in several months. Natural odors emitted by a furnace will typically disappear after a few hours of use. If a strong smell suddenly prevails and doesn’t dissipate over time, your furnace may have a problem which could be triggered by a gas leak or buildup of dust inside the unit. Have it checked by a heating repair specialist in Denver.

2. Hard Starting
If your furnace requires multiple attempts to start up, you need to have it checked for loose electrical contacts or defective thermostats.

3. Discolored Pilot Light
A healthy furnace should display a blue pilot light. If you notice that the pilot light has changed to a different color, you should have your furnace checked at once because it can indicate a problem that can put the health of your family at risk.

The pilot light of your furnace changes when harmful gases like carbon monoxide don’t dissipate as they should.

4. Inadequate Heat
When a furnace is struggling to provide enough heat, it likely needs repair. The most common causes of poor heating performance of a furnace are leaking ductwork that allows warm air to escape, and faulty thermostats.

5. Unusual Noise
Loud and unusual noise from a furnace indicates a serious problem you must attend to sooner rather than later. Different defects can give off different sounds. A squealing or whistling noise can indicate belt or fan issues while a banging or groaning noise can be an indication of broken or loose internal parts.

6. Poor Air Quality
Your furnace or heating system has a huge influence on the quality of air circulating in your home. Poor maintenance can cause your furnace to circulate bacteria, dirt and other contaminated particles into your home. Some simple indicators can include dust floating in the air, recurring colds, coughs and other respiratory conditions in your family. Some members of your family can suffer from allergies, headaches and watery eyes as a result of poor indoor air quality.

This is a problem that can sometimes be resolved by simply replacing an air filter. If the problem persists even if your filter is new, you should have your system checked by proficient technicians like a furnace repair company in Denver for stuck dirt in the system’s ductwork.

7. Carbon-Monoxide Detector
Your furnace is fitted with a carbon-monoxide detector which is intended to warn you if toxic gas like carbon monoxide is present. The detector goes off if it detects harmful gases. When this happens, turn your furnace off at once and ventilate your home by opening the windows. Consult your local gas company and call an HVAC expert to trace the source of the gas.

Your furnace is your source of warmth and comfort in home during cold winter nights. Keep it in good shape by having it checked by competent professionals like a furnace repair expert in Denver before the cold season starts and after it ends. This will ensure that your heating equipment is always ready anytime you need it!

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