Helpful Sewer Maintenance and Repair Tips in Westminster CO

10 September 2020   |   by PRIME PLUMBING & HEATING INC   |   Plumbing

Household sewerage systems are crucial to proper sanitation. Still, they are easily overlooked by most of the homeowners in Westminster, CO. In many cases, most homeowners only look into sewer line problems only when the obvious warning signs show! It is a common mistake that usually leads to further damage and requires costly sewer repair Westminster services.

Maintenance Tips

Some of the most common problems in sewer lines are tree roots infiltration, faulty pipes, blockage, pipe deterioration, and leakage. Although it sounds like each of these only requires a quick fix, they translate to expensive and irreversible damages when unattended. It is best to understand some helpful maintenance tips for your sewer system at home.

Dispose of grease and oil properly

We may not notice it, but it is common practice to drain kitchen grease and oil. Although grease and oil are in liquid form, they solidify and cause blockage in your sewer line. So, instead of pouring these types of wastes onto the drain, have it scraped and put into the garbage.

Limit food waste in the garbage.

Not all kinds of food waste can be disposed of in the same way! Some food waste—such as fibrous foods, coffee grounds, eggshells, and any massive waste—can cause clogs. Always make sure that these food wastes won’t get inside the sewer line or prevent them from getting stuck by running cold water down the drain.

Clean your drain system regularly.

Clean your drain system at least once a month to avoid blockages in the sink, tub, or shower. You can pour baking soda with white vinegar and, an hour later, flush it with plenty of warm water. For severe blockage problems, call your professional plumber in Westminster, CO, to fix it.

Check your landscape.

Did you know that the huge trees and plants in your yard can damage or clog the sewer line? The roots of plants typically seek out the nearest water source, such as wastewater, within the sewer line. Look out for any growing trees or shrubs near the sewer system. If there’s any, pay attention carefully to the drainage flow. Once you observe any significant changes, call your trusted plumber Westminster CO, to check the line.

Inspect your cleanouts.

Cleanouts can be found right outside the house in the yard. It serves as direct access to the sewer line. To keep it clean and odor-free, keep it filled with water, and secure the caps tightly. Once you notice a foul smell, unscrew the lids and pour some bleach inside.

Know when to seek professional plumbing help.

Ideally, homeowners should maintain a well-functioning sewer system by following the repair and maintenance tips above. Remember, however, that DIY sewer repairs don’t always work; get professional help to avoid aggravating the problem. It is a must to engage the services of a professional sewer repair Westminster team to identify the issue and address it using state-of-the-art tools and techniques.

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