Plumbing Basics: Different Types of Home Plumbing Services

2 March 2020   |   by PRIME PLUMBING & HEATING INC   |   Plumbing

Many of us take our home plumbing system for granted, until it breaks or malfunctions and affects our daily life! Broken pipes, foul-smelling or dirty water, and leaks can become your worst nightmare if you don’t solve them immediately. Of course, DIY solutions are not the best solution; plumbing problems call for an expert and professional plumber repair service!

Is it your first time engaging the services of a professional plumbing specialist? The best way to find real experts is to consider their in-depth knowledge (or lack thereof) on the different types of home plumbing services. It would be unwise to trust a plumber who doesn’t know the basics!

Here are the basic plumbing repairs and services your trusted professionals should be experts in:

Drain Cleaning
A clogged drainage system is one of the most common plumbing issues at home, especially in sinks and bathrooms. The drainage system is an integral part of a home plumbing system. If it doesn’t function the way it should, water contamination can occur.

Leak Repair
Household leaks are pretty common, and they are caused either by wear and tear or problems with the pipe or other plumbing components. Ignoring it will only bring more issues, and contribute to the alarming rate at which water is wasted annually because of pipe leaks. Whether you are dealing with a simple leak to a more complicated plumbing woe, you need to call only a licensed plumbing service. It is also important to remember that leaks are avoidable. Conducting regular maintenance on your plumbing system can save you a lot of money.

Garbage Disposal Unit Repair
Does your garbage disposal unit always clog? Is there a foul odor? Chances are, there’s a problem that may require professional work. Hire a plumber if you need if fixed fast!

Sewer Repair
If cleaning the drain does not solve your clogged sink or bathtub problems, a more complex sewer repair could be the answer. Other warning signs that you need a sewer repair include clogged fixtures or pipes, unusual sounds from your plumbing, and soggy patches in your lawn.

Water Heater Malfunctions
If you notice that your water is not getting as warm as it should be, something may be wrong with it! Before jumping to the conclusion that it’s a serious plumbing problem you’re dealing with, check first if the appliance is set up correctly. Otherwise, ask for a professional to fix it.

Installation of new plumbing appliances and devices
Leave it to the professionals, as they say. Your new home plumbing system should only be installed by highly trained professionals. Similarly, you have to find dependable and well-trained plumbers for plumbing fixture remodels and upgrades. Doing it on your own could be counterproductive in the long run.
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