Practical Tips to Prevent Cold Weather Plumbing Problems

06 January 2021   |   by PRIME PLUMBING & HEATING INC   |   Plumbing
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It is not strange for home owners to encounter problems especially when the weather is extremely cold. Water that flows inside pipes has the tendency to freeze during sub-zero temperatures. For this reason it is imperative for home owners like you to adopt practical preventive measures to ensure the efficiency of your water system in order to avoid water loss or failure which is a bigger problem.

This season is the time of the year when water is highly in demand. It can give extra stress to your plumbing system in addition to the winter temperatures that makes the water less fluid.

Thankfully, there are a lot of ways to prevent typical winter plumbing problems. Here are some practical tips you should consider to maintain the good condition of your plumbing system throughout the winter season:

1. Check Your System for Leaks
Leaks can happen anytime and you should check your piping system frequently especially prior to the onset of the winter season. Check faucets, valves and shower heads for leaks and make sure that the water pressure in your home is normal. If you notice leaks or low water pressure, call a reliable plumber such as the prime plumbing service that area residents trust to have the problem arrested at once. Stop leaks in order to stop wasting water and money.

2. Disconnect Outdoor Hoses
Outdoor hoses get cracked or broken as the water inside them freezes. As a rule of thumb, you must shut off lawn valves, disconnect your garden hoses and store them safely indoors before the cold temperature starts. This will prevent hoses from freezing during winter.

3. Prevent the Freezing of Your Pipes
The auto fan setting makes the fan run only if the HVAC system is actively cooling or heating the area. On the other hand, when you select the "on" fan setting, the fan will continuously work which makes the system work harder and eventually break down. Although the "on" fan setting is often beneficial for people who have allergies or respiratory sensitivities, this fan setting can be taxing your system.

Inspect the condenser
You can do this by opening your kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warm air to circulate inside your home especially around the plumbing area. You may also allow cold water from exposed pipes to slowly drip through. This can help to prevent pipes from freezing.The extremely low temperature can freeze the water inside your pipes and cause your pipes to rupture - an expensive damage you must try your best to avoid.
Additionally, you should also find the pipes that are in uninsulated areas. These pipes run along exposed areas such as your home’s outer walls. Prevent these pipes from freezing by wrapping them with foam or towels during the winter season.

4. Locate Your Home’s Main Water Valve
You must know where your home’s main water valve is placed because you will need to shut it off immediately when a portion of your pipeline bursts or is damaged. In most cases, this valve is fitted next to the water meter. Make sure that it is in perfect condition because it is your only hope to prevent flooding when a leak or bursting occurs in your piping system, and before professionals like the prime plumbing and heating company in the Denver area that people can truly rely on for the help they need.

5. Energy Conservation is a Must But Don’t Overdo It
The holidays may be too tempting for you to leave home with your family, and this could also tempt you to lower your heater in order to save energy. While it is truly intended for a good purpose, turning the heat off or too low will increase the likelihood of your pipes freezing and possibly rupture. The damage caused by such circumstances will certainly lead to costs greater than the energy you wish to save.
Prevent your pipes from freezing by setting your home’s temperature no lower than 45 degrees Fahrenheit. This will be your sure way to save on costs during the winter season.

6. Check Your Water Heater
You will need your water heater more during the winter months than other days of the year. As such, you must make sure it is able to provide the best water temperature for the family while avoiding extra energy costs.
You may need a professional like the Prime Plumbing and Heating in the Denver area to check your water heater and make sure that it is working perfectly.

7. Avoid Clogging Kitchen Drains
Large meals can produce some of the largest messes and table scraps you’ll have to dispose of.
Getting rid of cooking-related messes is not rocket science but you should be careful when doing it to avoid causing trouble to your plumbing system. If you are using oils or fats for example, you must avoid pouring them down the drain because they have a tendency to congeal and accumulate in the pipe walls and clog your system. Instead, give them time to congeal in the cooking dish then scrape them off with tissue, and put them into the trash.

8. Check Your Outside Drainage to Prepare it for Winter
Prepare your lawn for winter by keeping it free from debris, fallen leaves and other small discards. This will help to avoid clogging and maximize the draining ability of your downspouts and gutters.

9. Consider Insulating Your Pipes
You can actually prevent the freezing of your pipes by insulating them with foam sheaths. Insulating foam sheaths are common and you can buy them from most hardware stores. When insulating, focus on the pipes that are not covered by your home’s heating system to keep them from freezing. These are the pipes located outside of your home, in the attic, and in an unheated basement. You may call a professional plumber like Prime Plumbing and Heating, the one that Denver locals choose - to do this job for you.

10. Hire Right
Your home symbolizes one of your biggest dreams. It is a result of hard work and painstaking effort that takes years to realize. It’s only fair to give it the best care so that it can provide you with the comfort and convenience you deserve.
Therefore, when it comes to the maintenance or repair of your home’s piping system, you must hire people who can do the job very well, like the provider, Prime Plumbing and Heating services. These professionals are the ones that Denver area homeowners prefer.

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