The Advantages of Installing Motion Sensor Faucets

23 September 2020   |   by PRIME PLUMBING & HEATING INC   |   Plumbing

Have you noticed that several establishments are now using motion sensor faucets as one of their fixtures in the bathroom, kitchen, or both? A motion sensor kitchen faucet Westminster or touchless faucet provides numerous benefits, whether in your place of business or for personal use.

Motion Sensor Faucets utilize state-of-the-art technology that allows a person to start the water flow using a sensor that responds to the presence of a person’s hand nearby. It’s an excellent investment for people who want a cost-effective and hygienic solution for their faucet needs!

To elaborate, here are some of the advantages of installing a motion sensor kitchen faucet Westminster.

Conserves More Water
Water is a natural resource that is becoming limited; that’s why conserving water resources is imperative. Traditional taps are prone to be dripping small drops of water, which can waste between 300 ml to 1L per hour! This kind of waste can be avoided by installing motion sensor faucets.

A study proved that an automatic water faucet or motion sensor faucet with the 0.35 GPM aerator results in a 54% reduction rate in water use. It is because motion sensor faucets have a much lower flow rate than traditional taps.

One incorrect perception of motion sensor faucets is their high energy consumption since it mainly operates with electricity. Although the motion sensor tap requires power to function, it still conserves more energy than the traditional taps. Depending on the brand, motion sensor faucets need 6, 9, or 12 volts. However, sensor taps operate with a constant temperature, unlike traditional taps, which require more energy to select the user’s preferred flow and warmth every time it gets activated.

Convenient to Use
Motion sensor faucets won’t require you to touch the handle to start the water flow. Also, traditional tap users have to choose their preferred flow rate and temperature that makes it inefficient since 99% of the time, users want the same settings. With motion sensor faucet repair, users can do pre-setting, making it easier and more convenient for the user.

Faucets in the sink are known as one of the sources of cross-contamination in the kitchen. So, installing sensor taps at home will remove this problem. Promoting hygiene is the key factor in the design and functionality of a sensor tap. Since it eliminates the need to touch the faucet whenever someone uses it, it prevents the spread of germs among users, particularly in shared places such as public bathrooms.

Cleaner Area
As mentioned earlier, the flow rate and temperature are pre-set in the sensor taps. These features prevent users from choosing a too powerful flow rate, which reduces the chance of water splashing in the bathroom area, leaving you a tidy place.

Motion sensor faucets are considered cost-effective since you will be saving more money in the long run from reduced unnecessary water consumption. And because of its growing popularity, several brands are offering a wide range of varieties of automatic faucets at low prices. You will have a wide array of options to choose from that will suit your motion-sensor faucet repair needs at the best price.

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