As part of the typical home maintenance during the cold season, preventing your pipes from freezing is very important. Even the smallest crack can cause a lot of damage to your home. Frozen pipes can pose real threats both in warmer, and in colder climates.

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According to a conscientious plumber Denver has, there are three main reasons why pipes usually get frozen: the thermostat is set too low, temperatures decrease very quickly or the insulation was not properly made. So, in order to prepare your pipes for the cold season, you can do things such as insulating your pipes. Properly insulated pipes stay safe from freezing.

Another great option is to use heat tapes or heat cables, which, again, can greatly protect your pipes from the freezing cold temperatures. While securing your pipes with heat tapes or cables it is essential to follow all the instructions and guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Moreover, you should locate leaks and seal them, in order to prevent them from getting bigger and causing real hazards around your home.

It is also very important not to forget to secure outdoor hoses, faucets and valves during the cold season. Thus, the short part of the pipe, which is located outside your house, does not freeze either.