Tips for Hiring A Plumber During the Coronavirus Pandemic

11 June 2020   |   by PRIME PLUMBING & HEATING INC   |   Plumbing

The world may have been brought to a halt by the coronavirus outbreak, but our plumbing issues at home are not taking a break! It might be even worse now since the whole family is using the same plumbing system, making it prone to several plumbing problems and issues.

During normal times, we take in several factors to consider in hiring a 24-hour plumber in Denver. However, it is even more critical to carefully hire the right plumber during this health crisis. Here are some tips in hiring a plumber during a coronavirus pandemic.

Look for online reviews and pertinent information.
A legitimate plumbing company has a website that could be used to disseminate safety information about their offered plumbing services during a pandemic. You can initially check on their website if they are implementing safety protocols following guidelines such as the issued guidance of the U.S Department of Labor for in-home repair services. Using the internet, you can also search for online reviews from their previous clients, so you will have proper expectations if you decide to hire the contractor.

Consider online consultation.
An excellent plumbing company knows the importance of maximizing technology these days. Consider a provider that accepts online consultation before visiting the client. During the virtual meeting, you can ask about the current safety protocols of their workers. You can ask questions regarding team members who have been exposed to COVID-19 (if any), safety measures during the plumbing services, sanitation procedures for their tools and equipment, wearing of required protective gear of workers, and payment arrangement.

Prepare the work area.
Before the visit, you can prepare the working area by cleaning it and removing the unnecessary items that could block the work area from easy access. This is to ensure that the plumber will need to handle fewer items and spend less time in your house than usual. You can also offer them hand soap, and disposable plastic or sheet where a plumber can put his tools to avoid unnecessary touching of surfaces in your house.

Keep your distance.
Aside from the usual safety protocols such as wearing a mask and gloves, maintaining your sneezing and coughing etiquette, and handwashing, always keep your distance! If you are monitoring the plumber's work, stand at least six feet behind the plumber. Ask your family members to stay in a separate area of the house while the job is ongoing.

Pay online.
Virtual payment is the safest way to pay for the plumbing service. Some companies accept bank transfer, credit or debit cards, and other methods of online payment. Also, most home service will ask you to use your pen to sign for the completed task. The idea is to avoid physical contact from the plumber.

Disinfect the area.
Ideally, the 24-hour plumber Denver will clean and disinfect the area after the task has been completed. However, it is highly encouraged that homeowners conduct additional cleaning and disinfecting in the work area after the plumber has left your home. It is recommended to clean six feet around the work area and plumber's path using approved household cleaning and disinfectant products. Wash hands thoroughly immediately after.

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