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What Do Plumber Services Typically Offer

A plumber is a person specialized in installation, repair and maintenance works related to technical and sanitary installations, pipes, appliances and sanitary devices. He is the one who deals with the central heating system, radiators, sanitary ware, water meters, washing machine, stove, air conditioner, gas installation and more.

A qualified plumber knows the regulations and safety standards and works according to them. The work of a plumber is not just about repairing broken pipes. These professionals also deal with the installation and repairs to the water supply systems, to the sewerage network, but also to all the plumbing and household appliances that are connected to them.

plumbing services

Common plumbing services offered by a plumber include:

  • installation of sanitary systems and their accessories
  • installation, repair and maintenance of water pipes and HVAC systems
  • installation and repair of taps, filters and any other devices that are part of the sanitary installation systems of a home
  • planning and realization of the pipeline network, through walls or floors
  • verification, testing and repair of pipes and plumbing systems
  • cleaning and unclogging drains and sewerage channels
  • installation and repair of air conditioning equipment, hot water heating systems and other residential/ industrial appliances
  • inspecting and testing pipes for potential leaks and malfunctions
  • installation of household appliances and accessories
  • identifying and remedying the problems and malfunctions that occur in the water supply systems and in the sewerage network
  • carrying out maintenance works and periodical checks
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