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What Jobs Is an Emergency Plumber in Denver Usually Needed for

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Emergency plumbing can consist of a variety of different jobs. The basic idea behind it is that a plumber may need to intervene in a situation where the plumbing issue could clog up a drain or cause water to constantly leak or flow into the home, threatening water damage or health problems.

When it comes to hiring emergency plumbing services in Denver, you have to consider the various jobs that they normally work on. Here is a quick list of what you could hire them for:

  • Emergency plumbers deal with clogged drains on a regular basis. When you live in an apartment, a clogged drain can be especially problematic. If you’re on the first floor or bottom floor, a clogged drain can sometimes cause water coming from your upstairs neighbors to overflow and come out into your apartment. If the main drain pipe is clogged then you’ll need help from a skilled emergency plumber to take care of it.
  • Water mains and water pipes can break, causing water to leak on your property or in your home. If that’s the case, a Denver emergency plumber will be needed to fix the leak before water damage can take hold.
  • You might also need emergency plumbers for leaks and burst pipes that cause water to flow through your walls. The damage done even over a short time can cause mold to form, and may end up requiring expensive repairs down the line.
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