What To Do During A Plumbing Emergency

16 September 2020   |   by PRIME PLUMBING & HEATING INC   |   Plumbing

As homeowners, plumbing issues at home are almost inevitable. And if you ignore these issues, it might turn to a plumbing emergency that can cause panic and alarming situations. That's why homeowners must value the plumbing service Westminster CO performed by professional plumbers to avoid such an emergency and to save money from wasted gallons of water.

Call a professional plumber as soon as possible.
Most homeowners forget to call for the plumbing service Westminster CO during a plumbing emergency. While it can be understandable, as a homeowner, you need to remember to keep your cool during these situations. Have a plumber you can trust to offer 24/7 service since no one can predict when an emergency at home will happen!
It is essential to straighten up your mind and always to have the contact number of your trusted plumber on hand. They can assess the problem during the call and can give you initial help. And while waiting for the plumber's arrival to perform plumbing repair Westminster CO, you can do the following tips to control the damages at home.

Shut off the water valve.
If you do not want your home to get flooded due to a pipe burst, for instance, the first thing you need to do is to turn off the water valve. Depending on how significant the leak or explosion in the pipes, you can either shut off the water directly through the damaged fixture or the main water valve. For toilets, you can quickly turn off its valve located in the base or behind it. For more significant water problems, shutting off the main valve will be the safest thing to do. The water main valve is usually located outside the home near the water meter.

Turn off and unplug electrical appliances.
The next thing you want to do is check for electrical appliances that might reach by the water. The leaking water must not contact any electrical device in your home; otherwise, it could be hazardous. If you notice appliances that might get damaged during the plumbing issue, unplug it from the outlet and move it to a safe place. However, if more significant plumbing problems occur, turn off the main electrical switch to prevent further accidents.

Open drains and spigots.
Try opening drains and spigots to remove excess water in the pipes after shutting off the main valve. Spigots can usually be found outside the house. And if you experience clogs during the process, open the water drain and use a plunger to help remove the blockage. Additionally, please refrain from using chemical cleaners during a plumbing emergency since it can cause further damage.

Clean as often as needed.
It is best to remove any unnecessary water in the compromised part of your house due to plumbing issues. You won't be wanting to incur additional expenses because of the water that is overflowing and damaging your flooring, walls, furniture, and others. Please do not wait for plumbing repair Westminster CO experts before removing the water; do it as soon as you can!

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