Who to Call When Your Drain is Clogged

14 Dec 2018   |   by PRIME PLUMBING & HEATING INC   |   Plumbing

For the most part, nobody wants to think about their sewers. They’re kept hidden and out of sight, and the work that they do is usually kept out of mind. But the service they provide to a home is utterly invaluable. The ability to dispose of our waste and water in an easy and consistent manner is truly incredible. Nobody in this day and age has to rely on an outhouse, and that’s one aspect of infrastructure that often goes unappreciated. One of the surefire ways to gain some appreciation for this aspect of modern plumbing is to experience a serious drain blockage and attempting to clear it without professional help.

Most blockages in bathroom drains occur when hair or other debris accumulates on soap scum on the walls of the pipes. Removing the drain lid or the elbow joint and cleaning that out on a regular basis is a decent way to handle this kind of problem, but it’s not a perfect solution. Even hair strainers, although effective, won’t stop it all. Even with a fair amount of work on your own, drain cleaning service is going to be needed at some point for most homeowners. The mess in there will build up unnoticed, or something will get flushed down a toilet that definitely isn’t meant to be. Knowing some of the ways to handle this kind of problem on your own can be helpful, and can solve some of the minor issues on a pretty regular basis. However, this won’t always do the trick.

Eventually, too much grease will get washed down a kitchen sink, or one too many cotton balls will end up flushed down the toilet. These things happen. Even the most prepared homeowner will sometimes find themselves overwhelmed and disgusted. That’s why knowing where to get the best sewer and drain service when you need it is important. A plunger can do a fair amount for you, but it won’t do everything. Knowing who to call when you need drain cleaning services performed will save you hours of work.

Prime Plumbing is here to provide help for any and all of these problems in a quick, affordable, and friendly manner no matter the issue. We are dedicated to providing top quality sewer and drain service, regardless of what’s clogging your drain. Instead of spending hours wading around in the mess, call a professional at Prime Plumbing, and get the best plumbing service in Colorado. Call us today, and get that clog removed, or just get your sewers and drains examined to make sure no chronic problems will arise. Either way, you’ll get the most dependable and affordable plumbing service on this side of the Rockies!

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