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How Westminster Plumbers Can Help Unclog Your Drains

Prime Plumbing and Heating

A clogged drain in your home is more than just a nuisance – the issue can severely compromise the usability of your entire building and it can also cause health risks. If the clogged drain is on your property in Westminster, you can rest assured that the plumbing services you received will be the best. Here are some of the tools and methods that Prime Plumbing and Heating will use to restore the flow through your drains:

  • The pipe inspection is an essential first step – the first thing that your plumber will do will be to check the pipe affected by the clog to identify the exact location of the clog. For precise location, your plumber might use a long piece of special wire or, if the situation is more complicated, they might use a pipe camera.
  • Deploying the drain snake – the first tool that your plumber will try will be the manual drain snake, a long and hard piece of wire that is introduced into the clogged pipe and moved until the movement of the wire breaks the clog and restores the flow in the pipe.
  • More advanced tools for stubborn clogs – if the clog is in an area that is difficult to reach for the snag, your plumber might switch to more powerful tools, such as power washers with special extensions through which water is introduced at high pressure into the pipe, motorized drain snakes or drain augers.
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