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Emergency Water Heater Repair Services in Westminster, CO

Have you noticed inadequate hot water or low water pressure in your plumbing? If so, there may be a problem with your water heater. Contact Prime Plumbing and Heating when you need fast service on your heating unit. We offer emergency plumbing repair in Westminster, Colorado. Our certified plumbers work on all water heater brands and models from leading manufacturers. 

We diagnose complex water heater problems and find a long-term solution that saves you time and money down the road. Count on us for competitive rates, superior work, and fast service. Prime Plumbing and Heating also offers water heater replacement if your model is beyond repair. Choose us when you need work done on your tank or tankless water heater.

Call Prime Plumbing and Heating to schedule water heater repair in Westminster, Colorado.

Don’t Delay in Getting Help for Your Water Heater

Many water heater problems can continue for months before you notice them. By the time you realize there’s an issue, the problem can worsen, causing you to pay money for costly repairs. That is why it’s important to report a problem immediately  if you notice any of these signs of water heater damage.

  • Irregular water temperatures
  • Discolored water
  • Running out of hot water too fast
  • Funny noises coming from the tank
  • Signs of corrosion
  • Leaking water

When your water heater suddenly breaks down, you can rely on us to provide cost-effective solutions and have your hot water back in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Heaters in Colorado

Water heater problems are not always easy to identify. Some problems can linger for months without any indication of something wrong. However, common signs that your water heater needs repair include

  • Fluctuation in water temperature
  • Reduced hot water pressure
  • Leakage of hot water
  • Cloudy water with an unpleasant smell
  • Odd sounds coming from the water heater
  • Rusty water.
  • Lukewarm water

The first thing you should do if you have a water heater emergency is turn off the water source. If possible, turn off the water heater. Afterward, contain any water if there is a leak. Finally, contact a plumber in Westminster, Colorado that provides emergency service to take care of your problem right away.

The answer is yes. You can fix some water heater problems. However, you need basic knowledge of these problems and how to fix them. If you do not know what you are doing, you could damage the unit or create a hazardous situation. So, only attempt DIY repairs if you have the knowledge and skill. If not, a professional water heater repair is your best bet.

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The contents of this webpage are Copyright © 2024 Prime Plumbing Heating. All Rights Reserved.