Air Conditioning Repair: 5 Reasons Your AC Blows Hot Air


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Air Conditioning Repair: 5 Reasons Your AC Blows Hot Air

Posted: July 312023in Plumbing

Air Conditioning Repair

While Colorado is known for picturesque winters, complete with snow-capped mountains and sub-zero temperatures, it can undoubtedly heat up too. In July, temperatures in Westminster, CO, average around 90 degrees, which is enough for many Colorado residents to keep the AC on full blast and seek solace from the sweltering heat indoors. 


But, if you turn on your AC only to find it’s blowing hot air, we understand that it can be a real inconvenience—the last thing you need is MORE hot air. If this is you, we’re sending cool vibes your way. But cool vibes and well-wishes won’t fix your HVAC troubles. Luckily, we’re breaking down the top five reasons why your AC may be blowing hot air and their respective quick fixes. Plus, we’ll let you know when it’s time to call the Prime Plumbing experts for backup. 

Why Is My AC Blowing Hot Air?

From thermostat issues and dirty filters to debris buildup and problems with the inner workings of your unit, there are a few sneaky culprits that may be causing your AC unit to malfunction. If you’re no AC pro, don’t worry! Say goodbye to hot, stuffy air and hello to cool, refreshing ventilation with these tips. 

Thermostat Problems

Your thermostat is the mitochondria of your AC unit, meaning it controls all its functions, like cooling and heating. While it seems obvious, it’s easy to forget to check the thermostat amidst frustrations. Double-check your thermostat to ensure it’s set to “auto,” not “on.” 


If it’s set to “on,” the fan will run continuously, which is inefficient and can cause an uptick in energy costs. Also, it’s worth checking your thermostat batteries if you’re still dealing with a stuffy abode. 

Dirty Air Filters

Dirty air filters can block the passage of cool air from reaching you on a hot summer day. And it can cause your unit to run overtime to compensate for the lack of airflow, which can lead to many expensive repairs. 


As such, we recommend cleaning or replacing your air filters every three months. If you have asthma, pets, or a large household, consider changing them every 30 days or so to keep the cool air flowing. 

Debris Buildup

Much like a car won’t run properly with debris in the exhaust pipes, your AC unit won’t run efficiently with debris buildup around the outdoor unit. Twigs, leaves, branches, and more can quickly overrun your system and cause various problems, such as compressor failure. 


Condenser coils can cause problems with the compressor, which, as you may have guessed, is responsible for releasing the heat outside. So, if you haven’t checked the cleanliness of your outdoor unit in a while, grab a rake and clear away.

Frozen Evaporator Coils

It sounds unbelievable, but your unit’s evaporator coils can actually freeze when it’s hot! If they’re frozen, they can cause a steady stream of; you guessed it, hot air. There are a few things to keep in mind to avoid icy coils on a hot summer day. Debris can cause another coil to become grimy, called the evaporator coil, which is in charge of cooling the refrigerant. 


Additionally, frozen evaporator coils can be caused by dirty air filters, drain clogs, and low fan speed. If you notice the coils have frozen, we recommend turning off the unit and letting them defrost. Then, clean them up and turn the unit back on. If the problem persists, call the professionals at Prime Plumbing for assistance.

Refrigerant Leak

When working in sync with other parts of your AC unit, the refrigerant absorbs heat and converts it into cool air for your home. But, if you’re low on refrigerant or your refrigerant is leaking, you’ll experience a frustrating lack of crisp, comfortable air.


However, only a professional can check your refrigerant levels, since refrigerant can be toxic if not handled properly. So if you’ve exhausted the list above and are still dealing with a scorching-hot house, we recommend dialing your trusted local HVAC team, like Prime Plumbing & Heating. 

Stay Cool All Summer Long with Prime Plumbing & Heating

We know how aggravating it can be if you’re dealing with an AC unit that simply won’t work! If you’ve looked at the inner workings of your unit and still can’t figure out what’s wrong, we’re here to help.


Wipe the sweat off your brow, pour a glass of water (or adult beverage; we don’t judge), sit back, and call Prime Plumbing & Heating. We offer 24/7 emergency HVAC service so you and your family can stay cool all summer long. 

Need Emergency AC Service? We’re the Ones to Call!

Proudly serving Westminster, CO, the team at Prime Plumbing & Heating are your AC experts. Whether you need routine HVAC maintenance or emergency AC assistance, we’re here to help—24/7! Call us at (720) 542-8153 or contact us online to schedule an appointment!

Air Conditioning Repair

Air Conditioning Repair: 5 Reasons Your AC Blows Hot Air

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