Tankless Water Heaters 101


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Tankless Water Heaters 101

Posted: March 152023in Plumbing

Tankless Water Heaters

In 1929, Stiebel-Elton invented the tankless electric water heater. It was a revolutionary product for its time, having been developed just 40 years after the first commercially available storage water heater. Still, even with the tankless water heater being a revolutionary invention, it wasn’t efficient enough to start being viewed as a viable option to gas water heaters until the 1970s.

During the 1970s, the popularity of tankless water heaters rose in Europe. It’d be another 20 years until consumers in the United States followed the trend. Now, there are different options for tankless electric water heaters for homeowners to choose from.

At Prime Plumbing in Denver, CO, we match homeowners with the tankless water heater solutions that work best for them. This handy guide should get you started. When you’re ready for professional tankless water heater installation, call (720) 542-8153 or contact us online.

Different Types of Tankless Electric Water Heaters

Three tankless water heaters are currently available for purchase: non-condensing, condensing, and hybrid. Understanding which one to choose is essential because each tank functions differently.

Non-Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

 Both non-condensing and condensing tankless electric water heaters require heat exchangers to function. However, a non-condensing tankless water heater only requires one. It does require the installation of a vent as it needs a way to release hot air outdoors.


Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

More efficient than non-condensing tankless water heaters, condensing water heaters have multiple heat exchangers that trap the heat released from the first exchanger to heat the water further.

Hybrid Tankless Water Heaters

Hybrids include a little water tank in the unit, hence the name. They’re entirely different from other tankless water heaters but are not the same as traditional water heaters. They use significantly less energy and more air from the outside into the tank to heat the water.

Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

There are a few key benefits to a tankless water heater as opposed to a traditional water heater. These benefits result in significantly improved quality and financial savings.


According to the U.S. Department of Energy, tankless water heaters use significantly less energy than traditional water heaters. For homes that only use a little hot water—41 gallons or less a day—tankless water heaters can be 24% – 34% more energy efficient. Homes that use a lot of hot water—about 86 gallons a day—demand water heaters that are about 8% to 14% more efficient.

Saves Space & Money

These two advantages are the obvious ones. No storage tank means a lot less space is needed for your water heater, whereas the energy efficiency of the tankless water heater means you’ll enjoy lower bills.


Unlimited Hot Water Supply

Let us pitch you a situation. You wake up on Monday morning, dreading the start of your work week, only to discover that your spouse or kids used all the hot water in the shower. That’s a common problem you won’t have to worry about with a tankless water heater, as it produces hot water on demand.

Common Questions

How can a tankless water heater heat water instantly?

Pure magic! It may appear that way, but not really. When you open a faucet for hot water, the water flow triggers the tankless electric water heater to turn on. Water is heated as it goes through the heater, and as soon as you turn it off, it shuts off! It seems like magic, but it’s really simple technology!



Is one tankless water heater enough to heat my whole house?

It depends on how much water your household uses and the size of your tankless water heater. If you use a lot of water, you may need two tankless water heaters or a large unit. If you don’t use much water, one will heat your whole house.


To determine which tankless water heater suits your home’s needs best, contact the plumbing pros at Prime Plumbing today!

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Tankless Water Heaters 101

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