Why Is My Toilet Always Running?


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Why Is My Toilet Always Running?

Posted: May 152023in Plumbing

Why Is My Toilet Always Running

A running toilet is an annoyance with a myriad of causes. Constant whooshing sounds, a higher water bill, or even flooding are all problems that can spring from a running toilet. Studies conducted by various communities across the county show that running toilets can increase water usage by 200 gallons per day! That’s  approximately 6,000 extra gallons of water a month that you’ll be paying for!


A running toilet doesn’t always signify major issues, but if you’re seeing an abnormally high water bill and you can’t figure out why, contact Prime Plumbing & Heating today at (720) 542-8153

Common Reasons for a Running Toilet

There are three main parts (flush valve, overflow tube, and fill valve) that, if broken, can cause a constantly running toilet. You may be able to look, diagnose, and fix some of these issues yourself, but it’s always better to contact a professional as soon as you can.

Flush Valve

If your toilet is running but the water is not overflowing, you likely have an issue with your flush valve. The flush valve is what the toilet handle lifts to release water into the toilet bowl, allowing it to flush.


Before seeing if there is something wrong with the flush valve, make sure that it is properly closing in your toilet. A lot of times, the flush valve’s flapper or seal didn’t close properly leaving a slight hole that causes your toilet to run. If it looks as though your flush valve is aligned properly. Then there could be a problem with your flapper or chain. A short chain and warper flapper, for example, will prevent the flush valve from closing properly.

Overflow Tube

If your toilet’s tank looks to be overflowing upon inspection, then the overflow tube could be the cause of your running toilet. There is good news though, as a likely cause of an overflow can be a minor issue with an easy fix. Your water can simply be too high and all you’ll need to do is adjust the water level, but if your overflow tube is too short, then you’ll need to completely replace your flush valve assembly.


If you’re not sure what’s causing an overflow issue, then reach out to Denver’s plumbing experts, Prime Plumbing & Heating, at (720) 542-8153.

Fill Valve

In some cases, the most likely reason for your running toilet is an issue with the fill valve. The purpose of a fill valve is to prevent the water from rising once the float cup reaches a certain level. A faulty fill valve will cause the water to go into the overflow tube.


Luckily, fixing a faulty fill valve isn’t as serious as replacing a broken flush valve.Even so, a professional plumber can accurately diagnose, repair, or replace the cause of your running toilet. Get the job done right the first time around and avoid costly utility bills and aggravation. Call Prime Plumbing & Heating today! 

When to Contact Prime Plumbing & Heating

A running toilet may not seem like a major issue, but if you don’t fix it as soon as possible then your water bill is going to be unnecessarily high and your bathroom is in danger of flooding with dirty toilet water.


Don’t gamble on uncertain DIY work. To get your home in comfortable, working order and to keep it that way, call the prompt, expert plumbers at Prime in Denver, CO today! 

No More Running Toilets in Denver, CO

Prime Plumbing & Heating can diagnose and repair running toilets in Westminster and Denver with 24/7 emergency service, trustworthy pricing, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us at (720) 542-8153 or contact us online to make the top experts your preferred plumber.

Why Is My Toilet Always Running

Why Is My Toilet Always Running?

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